Shower Enclosure Options for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home so it is important that it be as functional and as comfortable as possible. A good shower enclosure can do just that with a full array of options to choose from. But you cannot just pick the first shower enclosure you encounter in the showroom just because it's easy on the eye. Each bathroom has its variations and not one design or style of shower enclosure fits all. You can learn more at this website.

There is a wide selection of shower enclosures of various styles, shapes and sizes so there should be one suitable for your need. So how do you find that special something for your bathroom? Here is a quick guide to the different types of shower enclosures and what you can expect from them. It will hopefully give you some idea in picking the right one that suits your needs and taste, and also of your entire family.

The most common type of shower enclosure is the pivot doors that open outwards in one smooth motion. Also known as swinging doors, they are suitable for small bathrooms and are prevalent in all-glass shower enclosures. They open away from the shower so make sure they do not hit the bathroom sink every time you open it.

A hinged shower enclosure can be installed to swing in or out for complete accessibility to the cubicle. It provides the widest opening among all shower door choices but requires more space in front of the enclosure compared to other styles. The best hinged doors have stainless steel components for utmost durability and seal-through hinges to guard against leaks.

Also a space saver in the bathroom is the sliding door shower enclosure that glides to one side on rollers and does not jar the room when opened. It makes getting in and out of the cubicle easier because it is effortless to open and close it. A sliding door of good quality has quick release rollers for sliding into the frame.

Another sliding shower enclosure is the bifold that glides to one side and folds to provide a compact shower unit. The whole door stays inside the cubicle and no clearance space is required when it is opened. It is ideal for those who do not want their shower door to impact the whole bathroom when opened.

If you have an oddly-shaped bathroom, there are also companies that manufacture customized shower enclosures. Go to this link for more info.

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